Will the Paint Match?

Accidents happen! They are unfortunately a part of life, and we all want to move on and forget about them. This is why Panel LAB is here to provide quality auto repair work, to help you move on and forget that the damage was ever there. 

When accidents happen, you turn to your nearest panel beater or the best-rated panel beater online. You need them to do their work and apply their craft across every facet of the repair at hand – right down to the matching paint. It’s easier said than done for most, but not here at Panel LAB, Bedfordview. 

When we get asked the question: ‘Will the paint match?’, we don’t say that we’ll try our best, we tell you that your paint will match 100%. We don’t just say it, we do it! Panel beating and paint matching are art forms, which had been perfected by Panel LAB for the past fourteen years. Our mission to all our clients is restoring your motor vehicle back to its factory finish no matter the damage – this is our guarantee. We are so confident in our auto repair work and panel beating that our paintwork and workmanship carry a lifetime warranty. 

Paint matching isn’t as simple as using the factory colour of your car. Car paint tends to fade with age, with the African sun acting as a catalyst speeding up the inevitable. This is why we take the extra steps to truly ensure that we’re not just finding the original factory paint, but ensuring that our mix is a match for your paint at that point in time. We go even further by spreading the paint in such a way that it simply blends into your current paint job – so you won’t even notice that it’s there, and neither will anyone else. 

At the end of the day, a good repair job is characterised by the car paint job. This is the final step of the repair process and will prove good workmanship or expose sloppy mistakes. The paint matching process isn’t a straightforward one either, as it requires a high level of expertise, a keen eye and a true passion for vehicle restoration no matter the make or model. We repair all cars back to their former pride and glory. 

Accidents are unpleasant, and we all want to put them behind us. In order to do so, you need good panel beaters and painters. Here at Panel LAB, we take great pride in the service we provide and the warranties we offer. We will even work with you and your insurance to provide the best possible outcome. 

Use Panel LAB to ensure that your paint matches no matter the accident. 

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