Will My Car Ever Be The Same Again?

When you get a repair done or visit your nearest panel beater, you expect professional workmanship, you want the work to be top-notch. You want it to look as if nothing ever happened, and for your car to return to how it was before as if no work was even done to it. This is the goal of any experienced auto repair shop – to help make your car look new. 

This is precisely what we specialise in here at Panel LAB, Bedfordview. We provide a service backed by many years in the industry perfecting our craft. When you come to us for help, whether it be car body repair or a paint job, we do everything we can to ensure that your car looks as good as new. 

The key characteristic of a good panel beater is a keen eye. Despite the rise of technological solutions to assist our team of panel beaters, it is often their trained eye that has the final say. However, the keen eye of a professional panel beater is what it truly comes down to, as years of experience have told him what to identify in the task at hand. With fourteen years -and counting- of experience in the field of auto repair and panel beating we continuously seek to improve our craft and refine our knowledge. This is the reason why we (as an institution) come so highly respected – it’s the quality of work we output no matter the vehicle or the incident. 

So when it comes to your questions, as to whether your car will ever be the same again? We guarantee it will be! We do not rest until your vehicle has met the high standards that we have set for ourselves. Our guarantee to you is that our repairs will best fit the factory finish.

Not only do we set ourselves high standards, but we are Retail Motor Industry (RMI) approved, so you can find some peace of mind in knowing that it is in our best interests to provide the best auto repair service that we can. 

Your car will look just as beautiful as it did before. Our skills and tools of the trade are perfected to professionally hide any aesthetic blemishes. From the minute it rolls into our shop, through to our precision panel beating protocol, to the final paint job – everything is done with the intention of giving back the client the car they know and love. 

No matter the accident or incident, we want to help you make your car the same again. Get in touch with us at Panel LAB to turn your misfortune into a happy customer experience.

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